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Tue, 24th May 2016



Dear All,

Happy New Year to all our supporters.

2012 was a quiet year for the STOP Harlow North campaign. 


East Herts Council continues to prepare the District Plan. Harlow North, unfortunately, remains an option under consideration despite the Council's long standing opposition to the proposals. We hope and believe this is so the Council can clearly show why they ultimately eliminate the idea from the final plan. 


We have monitored the technical studies that have been published by the Council (and there are a lot)

The population models confirm what we have been saying all along; namely that Harlow North would not be for local people but would simply accelerate migration out of London. 

The employment studies show that a business park to provide employment north of Harlow is not as a realistic and deliverable option. Harlow North would be an unsustainable dormitory town for those employed in London not a East Herts community.

The cost of any any necessary infrastructure - roads, schools, health facilities, libraries, etc - has still to be quantified. We believe once the mulit-million pound cost of a new settlement is calculated the whole concept becomes unviable; after all the Government has run out of money.


The Government has still not abolished the East of England Plan and so the Council has delayed consulting on its Preferred Core Strategy until spring 2013. This will be a busy time for the campaign. We will need to ensure there is a massive response to the consultation. We will, as usual, provide detailed guidance and support and multiple ways to make your views known. This will be a significant milestone and we will need a concerted effort to finally remove Harlow North from the plans.


We continue to post any newsworthy events on our Facebook page - STOP Harlow North. Please pay the page a visit and 'Like' us. Don't worry if you don't use Facebook as we will continue to send e-newsletters.

We always need volunteers to help with leaflet delivery so please get in touch by return e-mail or contact your town / parish council if you want to assist in any way. Your representatives are: Eric Buckmaster and Angela Alder (Sawbridgeworth), Ian Brett (Widford), Sam Clark (High Wych and Allen's Green), Amanda Olsen and Spike Hughes (Eastwick and Gilston), Blaise Morris (Much Hadham), Nigel Clark (Hunsdon).

If you cannot help in person or simply want to make a donation to the campaign please make cheques payable to 'STOP Harlow North' c/o Yewtree House, High Street, Hunsdon, Herts, SG12 8NT. We will have some large expenses to cover for leafleting during this public consultation.

Best wishes for 2013

Nigel Clark
Secretary STOP Harlow North



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