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Wed, 11th December 2019

Village Hall Management

Village Hall Management

Village Hall Management Committee.

Chairperson and Holding Trustee:         Katie Spencer

Treasurer:                                              Trevor Brown  01279 423676.

Bookings Officer and Holding Trustee:  Maxine Evetts 07723 606887

Vice Chairman and Holding Trustee:     Keith Harvey 01279 410435.

Holding Trustee:                                    Mary Jackson

Other Committee Members: Sarah Bagnall, Janine Bryant, Yolande Clarke, Christine Law

All Management Committee members are Management Trustees.


Gilston & Eastwick Village Hall Management Committee

Monday 7th October Business Meeting


            2nd March 2020       Annual General Meeting & Business Meeting  

  1. Present: Sarah Bagnall (residents representative), Trevor Brown (Treasurer), Janine Bryant (Parish Council representative & minute taker), Yolande Clark (residents representative), Maxine Evetts (Holdings Trustee & Bookings Officer), Keith Harvey (Holdings Trustee & Vice – Chair), Mary Jackson (Holdings Trustee), Christine Law (PCC representative), Katie Spencer (Holdings Trustee & Chair)

Apologies: none

  1. Minutes of 20th May 2019 agreed (Proposer – ME, Seconder – SB)

Action: CL to publish on the Parish website

  1. Matters arising – not covered in the Agenda
    1. KS asked for clarification across the Committee regarding its members’ role(s).

MJ suggested the Management Committee members have a “housekeeping role” and any Constitutional matters, where a change may be considered (eg a change of Holding Trustee from named residents to an alternative body – see Item 4), should be dealt with in a public meeting.

KH reminded the meeting that Holding Trustees have no power / responsibilities, their purpose being simply to lodge the Village Hall in their names.

Action:  Electronic copy of the Village Hall Conveyance document & CDA document explaining the Role & Responsibilities of Trustees distributed, again, with these minutes.

  1. Does the Management Committee wish to move to a Custodian Trustee (eg Charity Commission) or Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO)?                         

Following advice received from Tim Hayward-Smith, CDA, regarding alternative Holdings Trustee models:

Anyway the answer is, as a CIO, you will be an Incorporated body so you can hold title so there will be no need for Holding or Custodian Trustees. 

To become a CIO from an Unincorporated Charity is a bit of lengthy and costly business and my advice is that, unless you envisage you are likely as Management Trustees to encounter sizeable financial liabilities eg through employing staff or embarking on a major refurbishment or rebuild where you are dealing with building contractors, there is nothing really to gain from becoming incorporated other than the Holding Trustee issue.

On that subject, if you want to save time, bother and expense every time you have to appoint a new HT I would advise vesting in the Official Custodian For Trustees (the Charity Commission) which is free and simple and a one time event.  I would avoid vesting in the Parish Council as this can bring issues later on with uninformed and over zealous Parish Councillors who think they own the Village Hall because they are Trustees.  believe me it has happened.

Action: continue with status quo subject to periodic review (agreed unanimously) – Holding Trustees are: Keith Harvey, Maxine Evetts, Mary Jackson & Katie Spencer

  1. What is required to register with Land Registry?

The Village Hall needs to be registered with the Land Registry under the names of the Holding Trustees (initial cost, as a Voluntary First Registration, £680 plus legal fees).  The committee acknowledged there will be a cost each time a Holding Trustee (HT) resigns / new HT is appointed (anticipated cost for each change £250).

Action: JB to seek Legal advice on making the Land Registry entry  (Proposer – TB, Seconder – ME)

  1. Potential Improvements to Village Hall; eg kitchen area, solar panels, etc        See notes below

Considerable discussion regarding potential to make improvements to the Village Hall.


  1. KS to obtain digitised plans                            (Proposer SB, Seconder – KH)
  2. KS to brief architects, company promoted on CDA website, on preparing alternative plans for extending the footprint of the hall by extending sideways along the east wall, moving the kitchen area and providing storage areas.     (Proposer KH, Seconder – SB)
  1. Publicity to find new clients – potential actions?

Article for Parish Magazine, Open Day to see what is on offer, Banner outside the Hall, Social Media

Action: “launch” of Village Hall to follow improvements.

  1. Car parking agreement as distributed prior to this meeting agreed.  Example template – see below.                                                                    (Proposer MJ, Seconder – ME)

Action: CP Agreement to be used at next rental collection – 31st January 2020.

                        MJ to send full list of car park users & number of vehicles to JB

  1. Lettings agreement and T&Cs                 carried forward to next meeting  JB
  1. CCTV                                                        carried forward to next meeting  TB
  1. CDA / ACRE Matters – for information only:
    1. CDA Annual Conference, Cottered Village Hall – Friday 22nd November
    2. ACRE  Village Halls' Week 2020 – 20th to 26th January 2020
  1. 2020 / 21 meeting schedule                     carried forward to next meeting  KS
  1. Any Other Business
  1. Wifi installation?

Action: JB to obtain cost

  1. Honours Board for past, present & future Holding Trustees?

Action: JB to obtain cost

  1. Access / parking for emergency vehicles and improved passing at entrance to hall car park

Action: TB, with Piers Bryant’s assistance to modify front garden

  1. Accounts 30th Sept 2019 - £40,698.  Now able to take BACS payments

Action: TB to investigate investment opportunities

  1. Polling Station fee to EHC to be increased

Action: ME to advise EHC when request comes through that fee has increased to £15 per hour; that is £225 for the 15 hour day.                                                                (unanimously agreed)

Next meetings:

            Thurs 28th Nov 2019  NEW DATE. 7:30pm start time

            2nd March 2020          Annual General Meeting & Bus Meeting 

Carry Forward Agenda items

  1. Potential Improvements to Village Hall; eg kitchen area, solar panels, etc
  2. Lettings agreement and T&Cs     
  3. CCTV

Minutes Item 6 - Potential Improvements to Village Hall

Email circulated by Katie Spencer, 27th September 2019


There are a number of points that we would like to go ahead and progress and would very much like your agreement to do so - ideally ahead of the next meeting (7th October).

Our plan is to use the funds available from the S106 monies (we are currently liaising with the council to find out exactly how much we have available to us) and/or the New Homes Bonus to progress the hall regeneration project.  We felt that it was important that hall funds were not depleted for the larger projects/purchases.

We would therefore like agreement from you to progress the following:

  1. We would very much like to follow-up on Mary's suggestion of moving the kitchen to where the storage room currently sits in order to provide slightly more room in the hall.  With a few internal alterations we could maximise the space without losing too much storage.  I have attached some very crude excel plans to illustrate how this might be achieved but would very much like to engage  a specialist to plan it out professionally.  I have been passed the details of a firm of surveyors and they have quoted £1,590 (including VAT) to come out, survey the hall and provide us with detailed drawings.  Once we have the drawings, I would like to engage the services of Alan Whittingham of AD Architects to cost the rennovation work and come up with a plan of action for getting funding applied for and works completed.  The cost of the initial survey/drawings would need to come from the village hall's bank account.
  2. We would like to purchase a dry-lined and secure storage unit for the car park.  This will allow us to remove all tables, chairs, tennis tables etc. from the hall to maximise space.  We can purchase a Lifelong Steel Shed which is 4.1m depth x 4.5m width for the sum of £6,498 + VAT (although we will need to pay extra for installation, power and a dead lock).  I expect the total cost to be somewhere in the region of £10,000.  The shed does not need planning permission and will not require a concrete base.
  3. We would like to use a third party company to help us generate extra bookings for the hall.  Active Herts is an organisation that can assist organisations such as ours in finding trainers, etc who offer activity sessions which focus on helping people to improve their health and wellbeing through physical activity
  4. We would like to engage the services of a web designer to create a website specifically for the hall.  We would like the website to include a booking calendar, contacts page and events page.  We would also like the website to have ecommerce functionality so that bookings can be secured online by card payment.  We need to purchase a domain name, I would suggest something like www.gandehall.co.uk, and the services of a web designer.  The cost of this would be somewhere in the region of £1,500 (including VAT).  Again, the cost of this would initially have to come out of the village hall's bank account, but Stuart believes we may well be able to claim this back one way or another.

At the next meeting, I would like to present an outline plan of the internal/external improvements that could really help to sustain our village hall.  If agreed, I will use the plan as the brief for the Architects and push forward with the necessary funding applications.  I will present a paper at the meeting that clarifies where funding will come from for each item of expenditure.

To summarise, please can I have your agreement on the following:

  1. Engaging surveyors to provide plans for the hall.  (£1,590 plus Alan Whittingham) 
  2. Purchasing external storage.  (£10,000)
  3. Engaging the services of Active Herts to help generate additional bookings.  (£0)
  4. Creation of a website specifically for the village hall.  (£1,500)

Minutes Item 8 - Car parking agreement

Gilston & Eastwick Village Hall

Car Parking Operational Licence





(1)    The Village Hall named in clause 2.2 acting by its management committee.

(2)    The person or organisation named in clause 2.3.


AGREED as follows:

1.         Throughout this Agreement:

  • the Village Hall named in clause 2.2 is referred to as “we”; “our” is to be construed accordingly and “we” and “us” mean and include the Village Hall’s charity trustees, employees, volunteers, agents and invitees
  • the person or organisation named in clause 2.3 is referred to as “you”; and “your” is to be construed accordingly; “you” also includes the members of your management committee (if appropriate), your employees, volunteers, agents and invitees
  • where you must seek our consent, tell us about something or give us something, you must speak to and seek consent from the Hall Treasurer or, if the Hall Treasurer is not available, any of our Management Trustees.


2.     In consideration of the hire fee described in clause 2.4, we agree to permit you to use the premises described in clause 2.5 for the period(s) described in clause 2.1. The details inserted in sub-clauses 2.1 to 2.5 below are terms of this Agreement. This Agreement includes the annexed Standard Conditions of Hire and the Special Conditions of Hire (if any) set out in the attached Schedule.


2.1   Date(s) required:              One calendar year, 31st January


2.2   Village Hall

        (a)  Registered Charity No

        (b)  Authorised Representative  Gilston & Eastwick Village Hall Management Committee

                                          Address  c/o Dairy Cottage, Gilston, CM20 2R

            Telephone Numbers & Email   01279      trevorrbrown@btinternet.com


2.3   Hirer:

(a)  Name

        (b)  Organisation   Not Applicable

        (c)  Name of Organisation’s Authorised Representative        Not Applicable

              Address, Telephone Numbers & Email


2.4   Hire Fee                                       

        Hire Fee                £                      per annum per motor car

       Hire Fee                £                      per annum per motor cycle


        Total fee for period, Clause 2.1 above         £     

                        Is this a commercial hire?                    Yes / No

2.5   Premises

        One car / motor cycle* parking space          (* delete as appropriate)


6.     We and you hereby agree that the Standard Conditions of Hire (see below), together with any additional conditions imposed under the Premises Licence or that we deem necessary, form part of the terms of this Agreement unless we and you agree in writing.


7.     None of the provisions of this Agreement are intended to or will operate to confer any benefit pursuant to the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 on a person who is not named as a party to this Agreement.


Signed by the person named at 2.2(b) above, duly authorised, on behalf of the Village Hall.




Signed by the person named at 2.3(a) above or at 2.3(c) above, duly authorised, on behalf of the organisation named at 2.3(b) above, where applicable.



Standard Conditions of Hire of Car and / or Motor Cycle Parking Space

If you are in any doubt as to the meaning of any of the Conditions, you must seek clarification from us without delay.

The hirer of the hall property uses it by consent of the village hall committee and consent may be withdrawn (e.g. by written notice) at any time.

The village hall committee retains its proprietary rights and control of the land, and does not concede any right of ownership or exclusive possession of any part of the car park,


1.         Use of premises

You must not use the car park for any purpose other than that described in the Agreement and must not sub-hire or use the car park or allow the car park to be used for any unlawful or unsuitable purpose or in any unlawful way nor do anything or bring on to the premises anything which might endanger the premises or render invalid any insurance policies covering the premises nor allow the consumption of alcohol without our written permission.

2.     Insurance and indemnity

This is a private car park. The management committee do not accept any liability for the loss or damage to any vehicles or their contents and other articles temporarily left on land under the control of the committee by any person, whether a bona fide user thereof or not, except insofar as a liability under any Act or at common law may be proved against the committee.


3.  Noise

You must ensure that the minimum of noise is made on arrival and departure, particularly late at night and early in the morning.


4.     End of hire

        You are responsible for leaving the car park and surrounding area in a clean and tidy condition, otherwise we may make an additional charge.


5.     No rights

        This Agreement constitutes permission only to use the car park and confers no tenancy or other right of occupation on you.



The Gilston & Eastwick Village Hall management committee wish to make hirers aware that on signing the agreement they enter into a contract that could be used in evidence should legal action become necessary.



Gilston and Eastwick Village Hall Management Committee

Business Meeting Minutes – Monday 20th May 2019

1a.  Introductions: Sarah Bagnall (residents representative), Trevor Brown (Treasurer), Janine Bryant (Parish Council representative & minute taker), Yolande Clark (residents representative), Maxine Evetts (residents representative & Bookings Officer), Keith Harvey (Trustee & Vice – Chair), Christine Law (PCC representative)

Tim Hayward-Smith – Community Development Action (CDA)

1b. Apologies: Mary Jackson & Katie Spencer

1c. Keith Harvey acted as Chair

2a.  TH-S gave a very informative explanation of the purpose of the CDA which focuses on supporting & developing community services in rural areas.  It is funded by DEFRA plus various grants it successfully wins. 

CDA promoting and supporting Community Hubs to develop local activities; for example, lunch clubs, coffee mornings, etc.  A new member of CDA, Stuart ?, will make contact to discuss.

Gislene, new Community Energy Adviser, meeting JB 2:00pm Thurs 23rd May to discuss what, if anything, could be done to improve energy efficiency and sustainability.

All MC members welcome.

2b & d.  TH-S led a round table discussion on the role of the various types / alternatives of Trustees which the Village Hall committee should be aware of:

i) Holding Trustees – village hall title vested in the Holding Trustees (HT), named individuals.   Whilst the Holding Trustees have no power it is critical the hall always has named Holding Trustees.  Whilst HTs may sit on Village Hall management committees it is not the norm.

ii) Custodian Trustees – the village hall title deeds vested in an organisation (eg Parish Council, Charity Commission, etc.) this avoids the risk of inadvertently having no Holding Trustees (moved away, deceased, etc).  Only registered charities can vest the title to the Charity Commission.

TH-S advised against vesting the title to the Parish Council.

iii) Charitable Incorporated Organisation: –

The following is copied from Wikipedia

A charitable incorporated organisation (CIO) is a new form of legal entity designed for non-profit organisations in the United Kingdom.

The main intended benefits of the new entity are that it has legal personality, the ability to conduct business in its own name, and limited liability so that its members and trustees will not have to contribute in the event of financial loss. These are already available to limited companies; charities can be formed as companies, but then they must be registered with both Companies House and the Charity Commission. In contrast, the CIO only needs to register with the Charity Commission. This is expected to reduce bureaucracy for the charity.

From gov.uk website

The Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) is a new legal structure designed specifically and only for charities. It offers the benefits of limited liability making it easier to recruit and retain trustees, and legal personality making it easier to hold property and enter contracts. Oct 31 2012

TH-S to establish whether CIO retains need for Holding Trustees and revert back to MC

iv) Management Trustees.  All members of the Village Hall Management Committee automatically accept the role and duties of a Management Trustee.  These are the decision makers.

Action: recommended reading for all members of the Management Committee – CDA document VHS40 Village Halls Governing documents and title deeds (circulated again 18th May 2020)

2c. The importance of registering the property with the Land Registry was raised by TH-S. 


Holding Trustees

Currently the Village Hall has only one Holding Trustee, Keith Harvey. TH-S confirmed HTs have no responsibilities / duties, as these lie with the Management Trustees, Maxine Evetts agreed to be appointed as a Holding Trustee. 


  • JB to send electronic copy of Appointment of New Trustee to KH & ME for witnessed signatures.
  • JH & ME to approach KS to establish whether suitable and willing to become a HT
  • MJ volunteered and accepted by KH & ME as a HT
  • Appointment of New HT, for MJ & KS, to be produced by JB once ME’s appointment confirmed.

Investigate charitable incorporated organisation (CIO)  - ALL Management Committee

Register with Land Registry – this needs to be completed asap but, to avoid, unnecessary costs, the Management Committee (MC) needs to decide wither to remain with HTs or move to CIO

Members of the MC need to research prior to October Business Meeting when decision will be made.

3. Accuracy of Minutes of 4th February 2019 Business Meeting

Following removal of “interim”, Item 5, Minutes unanimously approved.

Action:  Amended minutes to be published by CL on G&E website

4. Accuracy of Minutes of 25th March 2019 Extra-ordinary Meeting

Minutes unanimously approved.

Action:  Minutes to be published by CL on G&E website

Matters Arising (not on the Agenda)

  1. Appointment of Chairperson

– two nominations received.  Following “closed” vote

Action: KS to be asked to take the role of Chairperson

  1. Confirm start time of future meetings

No action as start time to remain at 8:00pm

  1. Location for a Defibrillator

Unanimously agreed location to right hand side of the front entrance / stairs.

Action:  JB to contract electrician to install (Parish Council paying all associated expenses).

  1. Waste bin

Action:  TB to order as per selection by ME & CL

5. Treasurer’s Annual Report to 31st January 2019

Action:  TB to send to CL for publication on G&E website

6. Review of Hall fees (amended proposal circulated prior to meeting)

a.         Children’s parties may be held between 9:30am and 6 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.  

No Action: Already agreed by email.

b.         Review following restriction.  Children’s parties - Can the age range be changed?

First, we regret that the Hall is not available for letting to or for the use of anyone between the ages of 12 and 21.

MC unanimously agreed to change to - between the ages of 13 and 21. 

Action: website to be changed asap

c.         Minimum hire time of 1.5 hours

d.         Agree (or amend) proposed client ‘groupings’

e.         Agree (or amend) proposed fees – when? Informing clients?

Minor amendments agreed

Action: JB to amend fees table and re-circulate for approval by email

f.          Publicity to find new clients – carried across to next meeting

Article for Parish Magazine?

Open Day to see what is on offer

Banner outside the Hall?

Social Media

7. Verbal update on potential improvements to Village Hall

JB informed committee that KS had successfully submitted the application for Solar Energy grant.

Architect visited village hall to advise on potential improvements.  He advised the Management Committee needs to first determine what they wish to achieve, what future business is wanted, etc.  ME advised receiving negative feedback on the kitchen.

Action: Existing Committee sub group (KS, SB, JB & ME) charged with seeking proposals for refurbishment of kitchen.

8. Any Other Business / Items for future meetings

  1. Car parking agreement

Action:  JB preparing draft agreement for circulation to MC

  1. Lettings agreement and T&Cs

Action:  JB preparing draft agreement for circulation to MC

  1. Round the Table

TB asked for approval to change all village hall signs to reflect correct name: Gilston & Eastwick Village Hall – agreed unanimously

Action:  TB

AGM 2020 – 2 apologies received. 

Action: AGM moved to 2nd March 2020

Next meetings:

            12th August 2019         Extraordinary meeting – if required

            7th October 2019         (to include review of Letting charges?)

            2nd March 2020          Annual General Meeting & Bus Meeting    NEW date

7th October Business Meeting Agenda items

  1. Does the Management Committee wish to move to a Custodian Trustee (eg Charity Commission) or Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO)?
  2. What is required to register with Land Registry?
  3. Potential Improvements to Village Hall; eg kitchen area, solar panels, etc
  4. Publicity to find new clients – potential actions?

Article for Parish Magazine, Open Day to see what is on offer, Banner outside the Hall, Social Media

  1. Car parking agreement
  2. Lettings agreement and T&Cs      7.  CCTV


Gilston and Eastwick Village Hall Management Committee Business Meeting Minutes – Monday 25th March 2019 
1a. Chair reminded the Committee this Extraordinary meeting convened to receive a progress report from the subcommittee charged with identifying potential improvements to the Village Hall, fees, etc. 
1b Present: Sarah Bagnall SB (Residents representative), Trevor Brown TB (Treasurer), Janine Bryant JB (Secretary & Parish Council representative), Maxine Evetts ME (Holdings Trustee & Bookings Officer), Keith Harvey KH (Holdings Trustee and Vice-Chair), Mary Jackson MJ (Interim Chair & Residents representative), Christine Law CL (Churches representative),  
Apologies: Katie Spencer KS (Residents representative), late arrival Yolande Clarke YC (Residents representative) 
Please note:  Minutes and Agendas will be circulated electronically.  Hard copies are the responsibility of individual committee members. 1c. As this is an Extraordinary meeting the Chair advised the minutes of February 4th business meeting be pended to next full Committee meeting – 20th May 2019. MJ further advised the group she would not be chairing the next meeting (20th May 2019) Action:   KH, as Vice Chair, to chair until replacement Chair appointed. 
1d & e. Nominations for Chair & Progress on replacement (for DJ) Holding Trustee.  SB recommended KS to the committee but unfortunately had not had opportunity to discuss / establish whether KS prepared to stand. Action: Holding Trustees, KH & ME, agreed to meet with KS to determine suitability for appointment to Holding Trustee and Chair.  They will report back to the full Committee as soon as possible. 
2 Report from the sub-committee re potential improvements 
a. Application for Solar Panel Grant KS is completing the Grant Application form, which needs to be submitted by 31st March.  ME has arranged Energy Performance survey for Tuesday 26th March.  Once the certificate (EPC) is received she will pass to KS for inclusion with the form.  As Village Hall is classed as a Charity the submission of the Application gives us 12 months to seek recommendations, etc.yet does not commit the VHMC to expenditure. Two companies have visited the Village Hall and provided recommendations and estimate of costs to install Solar Panels. It was unanimously agreed that once the grant application is, hopefully, approved a Tender will be published and potential bidders will be instructed to also advise on, and cost, whether any structural issues (eg roofing) need resolving prior to any installations. Actions: KS to complete Grant Application form and submit.    Application response to be circulated, by KS, to Committee as soon as received. Committee’s agreement to issuing a Tender to be sought – possibly at May meeting or via email dependant on when response received). Cost benefit analysis to be produced for Committee  
b. Assessment of other potential improvements to Village Hall Examples: CCTV, kitchen area, heating, car park, storage facilities (to free up “Meeting room” for small bookings). KH proposed, seconded by ME, that full survey be obtained from organisation(s) experienced in Village Hall developments.  For example (from CDA website): Stanhope Wilkinson Associates, Chartered Architects, Oxford, OX29 4BL, Tel.      01865 883222,  Email. office@swa-architects.co.uk Action: KS to contact Stanhope and others. 
c. Web site changes Not discussed.  To be carried forward to future meeting 
Gilston and Eastwick Village Hall Management Committee Business Meeting Minutes – Monday 4th February 2019 
1. Present: Sarah Bagnall SB (Residents representative), Trevor Brown TB (Treasurer), Janine Bryant JB (Secretary & Parish Council representative), Yolande Clarke YC (Residents representative), Maxine Evetts ME (Trustee & Bookings Officer), Keith Harvey KH (Trustee and Vice-Chair), Mary Jackson MJ (Interim Chair & Residents representative), Christine Law CL (Churches representative), Katie Spencer KS (Residents representative),    
 2.  Apologies: None 
Members of the public Rev. Wendy Carter WC, Patricia Goy PG, Frank Twitchett FT 3. Minutes of the previous Business meeting held 1st October 2018 were agreed to be an accurate record.  
4. Minutes signed as accurate record, proposer KH, seconder TB 
5. Reports 
MJ thanked committee for their confidence in asking her to stand as Chairperson for a further four months / next committee meeting and welcomed everyone to the new committee. 
As Mr David Jackson has also resigned as Trustee there is another Trustee vacancy. 
5.1 Treasurer’s report:   ME is now the authorised counter signatory to TB on cheques, etc  Income, estimated £3,400, v Expenditure, estimated £4,034, projected to be £634 deficit in 2019 o WindHill Academy Trust, due to funding cuts, have not continued their regular booking; o New hirers include Spring Box and increased table tennis bookings.  TB still trying to change annual bank statement to reflect Village Hall Accounts financial year which runs 1st February to 31st January  Barclays Bank closure of the Sawbridgeworth branch has made paying physical cheques into the account more problematic. Suggestion –Post Office, now located at the High Wych Memorial Hall, is able to accept such cheques.  Hall insurance due for renewal imminently.   o TB recommended insurance stays with Allied Westminster (underwritten by Aviva).  This includes £180,000 rebuild, contents £6,200, public liability £5 million, legal costs, various indemnities and potential excess costs between £100 and £200. o Renewal quotes received for 1yr £786.12, 3yr £748 or 5yr £733 Action: Insurance to be renewed with AW for 3 year period, proposer KH, seconder CL   Section 106 o Outstanding monies, £19k, finally received from East Herts Council (EHC).  This refunded money previously spent by the Village Hall Committee.  The committee was reminded that a total of approx. £67 k available for “community facilities”; ie the village hall.  EHC still have approx. £48k available for further hall improvements which needs to be spent by 2026.  Bank Balance to end financial year, 31st January 2019, estimated at £40,000  TB requested Letting charges be reviewed at the October meeting each year to enable any changes to be signed off at the AGM in February – agreed Vote of thanks to TB for his continued hard work and support, proposer CL, seconder ME 
5.2 Parking fees As agreed at the June 2018 meeting MJ informed those residents paying parking charges (per annum charge currently £70 per car, 6 off, & £40 per motor cycle, 3 off) they would no longer be collected in arrears but collected in advance.  Fees continue to be collected at 31st January, ie end financial year. To date MJ has collected most of the car fees but none of the motor cycle fees. 
Action:  MJ to collect outstanding parking charges.   5.3 Outside audit report by MJ  Some of the gutters have weeds growing out of them. Action:  MJ agreed to action  A large tree, which self seeded, is beginning to encroach on telephone cables. Action:  ME to source two quotes (one from Gilston Wood Yard) for “stump” removal  Hedging along west boundary is again encroaching into the car park. Action:  JB to raise with owners of adjoining property.    Waste bin at front of the hall to be replaced.  ME thanked for emptying this bin on regular basis. Action:  CL to look into replacement bin and liaise with ME.  Memorial garden, alternative proposals circulated by MJ for comment Action:  to be added to March agenda 
6. Matters arising from October 2018 minutes.   Trustee vacancies.  Appointment of ME as Trustee (replacing Pat Wood) has not yet been formalised.  KH informed the committee the appointment of new Trustees requires the authorising signature of the existing Trustee(s) only and does not require legal signatory Action: JB to use previous New Trustee Appointment document to generate necessary document for ME  Further investigation necessary to ensure correct documentation / recording. 
7 Any Other Business 1. Hall and facilities potential improvements. Section 106 monies (£48k) plus the offer of some of the Parish Council New Homes Bonus – substantial amount of money available for hall improvements. KS informed the committee of a WhatsApp survey she had conducted with Terlings Park residents.  Several useful ideas and comments were received, which KS has collated, suggesting potential improvements to the hall which would make it more attractive to residents and potential hirers. 
2. How to increase income JB informed the committee of her research of other local Village Hall websites and discussions with their village hall committee members – other local village halls appear to have many more bookings / events and cheaper. Action: sub group created, ME, JB, SB & KS, to investigate: a. Potential projects for hall and facility improvements b. Potential letting opportunities c. Letting fees Sub group to report back to full committee asap 
3. Trustee vacancy resulting from Mr David Jackson’s resignation. Committee welcomed Katie Spencer’s willingness to become a Holding Trustee and recommends her to the existing Holding Trustees, noting her excellent communication channels with a significant proportion of Gilston residents (Terlings Park), enthusiasm to see the hall more central to the community, existing experience including as a Trustee of at least one other organisation, etc.   Action:  JB to use previous New Trustee Appointment document (if appropriate) to generate necessary document for KS. 
4. Letting costs for Gilston & Eastwick Community events JB expressed concern that recent community events, which are offered free of charge to all members of the G&E community, organised by WC & SB have been charged full Letting rates. Action:  Community events will continue to pay full letting rate.  In the event of committee agreeing to alternative reduced charges a rebate will be made.  This will include Messy Church, January 2019 and Pancake Tuesday, March 2019 and any subsequent community events. 
Future agenda items:  Discuss possible change of start time  Proposals from sub committee   ASAP o Potential improvements o Potential new hirings o Amendment to letting fees  May meeting -  o Appoint Chair and third Trustee o Memorial garden o Car Parking Agreement  Auditing of accounts?  Holding Trustees & Charity / Managing Trustees 
Future meetings: 25th March 2019   Extraordinary meeting     20th May 2019  (elect Chairperson, presentation by sub group)    12th August 2019 Extraordinary meeting – if required    7th October 2019   (to include review of Letting charges)    24th February 2020    Annual General Meeting 
Meeting closed at 9:55pm 
Actions completed since Feb Business Meeting – for information 
5.2 Parking Fees Obtain receipt book? 5.3 Outside Audit:  Guttering: Mr P Finlay has contributed three protective covers and Mr J Joy is contributing labour and use of ladder to clear guttering and put the covers in the highest drain tops.  Large self seeded tree removal Following receipt of two quotes K & B Contractors appointed to remove tree.  Proposer JB, seconded MJ, KH & KS.  Hedging encroachment along west boundary JB discussed with owners of adjoining site and asked for more significant hedge trimming to reduce encroachment on the car park. 
Membership of CDA, £35 per annum ` www.cdaherts.org.uk/ This has been approved via email and actioned 


Gilston and Eastwick Village Hall Management Committee

Monday 1st October 2018

  1. Present: Yolande Clarke (Community representative), Maxine Evetts (Bookings Officer & /trustee), Keith Harvey (Trustee and Vice-Chair), David Jackson (Trustee), Christine Law (Churches representative), Mary Jackson (member of the public).

2. Apologies: Trevor Brown (Treasurer), Janine Bryant (Parish Council representative),   

Main meeting

  1. Chair of the Village Hall Management Committee

Keith Harvey took the chair so that a chair person could be elected.  Mary Jackson was proposed by Yolande Clarke and seconded by Maxine Evetts it was in agreement with the rest of the committee and that Mary would only stand until the AGM on the 4th February 2019.

  1. Minutes of 13th August 201